Meet your manuscript's

new best friend.

So, you're writing a book.

Congrats on the inspiration, the dedication, and the creative muses lingering over your laptop! Now what? Read on below to see which chapter of editorial services fits your needs best.


Book Coaching

You know there's a book inside you, waiting to come out. You may have an idea, an outline, a voice stuck in your head, but you need direction and accountability to help you finish writing an entire manuscript.


 You need a book coach!

Sign up for a month-by-month coaching program to help move your manuscript along with guidance, editing, and motivation.

Includes: Fours different packages available, depending on budget and writing goals.

Chapter 2

Developmental Editing

You have a completed manuscript that is ready for a close content reading with special attention paid to plot, characters, dialogue, pacing, tone, setting, conflict, etc.


You need a developmental editor!

Includes: A detailed editorial letter in addition to the entire manuscript edited using track changes with content suggestions, questions, and comments to be discussed over a 30- minute Skype call.

Chapter 3


You have a completed manuscript that has already been read through and edited for content. Now you are ready for the close, line-by-line inspection of grammar, comprehension, and consistency.

You need a line editor!

Includes: A detailed line edit of the entire manuscript focusing on punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and comprehension.

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Still not sure how an editor might help you? Read on!

"Christine is an amazing editor and mentor. I hired her a couple years ago to help me edit and improve my first novel and it was a true pleasure working with her. She was insightful, supportive and honest with her feedback - she helped me improve my writing, plot, characters and everything in between. On top of that, she was reliable, organized and wonderful to work with in such an intimate setting (because let's be real - writing is something we all hold close to our hearts). I cannot recommend Christine enough and I know that everyone she helps will be better as a result!" 

-Erin M.

— Name, Title

"Christine Meade mentored me across two stages while I completed my young adult mystery novel. During drafting, she provided large-scale structural and developmental edits, deftly teasing out areas where character motivation, plot structure, or pacing needed work. Once I had a completed novel, she provided word-, sentence-, and paragraph-level edits, scouring my text for trouble spots, where words could be trimmed and exposition tightened. Christine’s comments are always incisive and never unkind. She has the ability to see where a small change might make a huge impact on the story. Her edits helped me draw out the story I was truly trying to tell from the jumble of words of my first draft."

-Sarah S.