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Gratitude for these words.

I am grateful for these words that spiral through me. The ones that have always been there. When I read my own writing, I worry that there won’t be enough left inside me for the next time I try to write. And the time after that. But something, at least, always seems to be there. Maybe not beautiful, or perfect, but still something.

I am always stressing to my undergraduate writing students the importance of expression.

I believe it is critically important for all of us to have a creative mode of self-expression that we practice regularly in order to give our minds an opportunity to turn off. We need a break from our busy-body, worrying ego mind to simply focus on a task that allows us let go, even momentarily. That allows us to intuit instead of over-analyze. (If talk of the ego mind is too woo-woo for you, I’m sorry. If you want more woo-woo, visit my sister site dedicated to cultivating creativity and intuition here.)

I don’t think it matters if your form of expression is writing, or dancing, or cooking, or singing, or painting, all that matters is that you do it. You engage the creative beast lurking inside you (yes, we each have one, even if you think yours is permanently dormant) because it is good for you. It is good for your mind. It is good for your soul. (Too Chicken Soupy? See, I told you sometimes the words that come out aren’t perfect. But perfect is beside the point here).

Being able to express our humanness--even in a terrible mess of puffy paints and glitter--is important. Crucial even.

I have always considered myself lucky that since I was little, I have known writing works for me. I have placed value upon creative expression and made it a regular part of my life with no clear outcome. If you are a friend or family member of mine, you also know I like doing ANYTHING creative because I’ve probably given you a painted rock, or seashells glued together, or danced in your living room, or baked you a gluten free treat.

And for this--the opportunity to share these words--I am grateful. And I hope you carve a little bit of time out of your week to take a creativity break, no matter how imperfect or messy it may be.

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Grateful for your sharing. Grateful for years to come to see how your writings still feel like having you as a Professor in class. Reading your voice through your writing; makes me, grateful for you!

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