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Love Letter to 2019

For the past twelve years, I have been asking all my amazing friends each December to write a love letter to the year ahead, reflecting on the year just past. This prompt has brought about some of the most inspiring/hilarious/heartfelt words each and every year. I encourage you to write your own! They can be extremely cathartic and eye-opening. What are your writing or publishing goals for the year ahead? What are you willing to leave behind in 2018?

Below is my personal Love Letter to 2019!

Dearest 2019,

I was recently reading an astrological post that talked about how much I (via my sign) have grown and matured since 2015. And I paused to think. That was only three years ago! Could I really be that different now? And then I realized, oh my God, I have grown and changed so much since then. Actually, this past year, these past few weeks, have been big for me.

Our capacity to mature and grow in even a short amount of time is sort of amazing.

In my letter last year, I was filled with the exciting spark of a new relationship. And this year's letter I am writing from a place of heartbreak. But just like when my dog passed away a few years back, I recognized the unmistakable sweetness in grief. A feeling of gratitude. A strong sense of love. Because even as I make a blotchy mess of my face, I know I couldn’t feel the sadness without the love.

In last year’s letter I wrote, “what is there to even say about 2017? It was a year?” but 2018 has been much more than a year. It has been twelve months of big, moving transformation. Big even if I couldn’t see it. Big on almost all the levels of my life.

My sister got pregnant and birthed two healthy twin babies, solidifying in me the importance of family and motherhood. I spent a year getting to know and falling in love and breaking up with a man who taught me how to be in a relationship. How to let go. How to speak up. How to remember it is not that hard to meet someone and love them.

I also experienced major career shifts. Toward the end of the summer, I realized it was time to really focus on writing and editing. If you know me, you know that everything I find interesting or helpful I want to teach and share--from yoga to meditation to breathwork--with others what has made such a difference in my own life! But writing, editing, and books, I have always known, are my priority. It’s the thing I most want to share with the world and focus on for the year ahead.

In addition to writing and editing, I will be adding online learning opportunities and creative workshops to Christine Meade Creative, so I can help others improve their writing and find inspiration when they are mired in the overwhelm of the creative process. And in 2019, I’m focused on allowing myself to receive. On all levels. I want to open myself to receive love, attention, success, money, partnership, collaboration, etc. All the good stuff.

So I wish you all (myself included) a 2019 filled with the sweet release of the drama. A renewed dedication to your creative practices (because they are important!). The big, bent at the waist or beaming kind of growth. And the openness and gratitude to receive what you deserve.

So much love to all you wonderful peoples,

Christine “Your Resident Love Letter Expert” Meade


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